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Subject: All about me
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suikoxxx 24.04.08 - 11:39pm
my life is s0 bored im d only son of my parents i don't have sister's and brother's,im traped in d 4 c0rner of lonelynes... *

chick_69 25.04.08 - 12:34am
aww dont be lonely you are my friend now :D *

suikoxxx 25.04.08 - 10:04pm
Thank u bev ur s0 kind *

ana88 9.05.08 - 09:04am
m a fresh man 4 di time.also i12 b ur fr!dnt worry now!u'll b full of fun. *

suikoxxx 5.06.08 - 04:51pm
Thnk u ana88... *

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