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Subject: being a guy/girl
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chick_69 2.05.08 - 01:45am
if ur a guy tell all what u like in a girl ..vice versca if ur a girl *

realezt 5.05.08 - 03:26am
i would like a nice, simple, cute, slim gurl is dat alot 2 ask? lol *

xyo_yox 13.05.08 - 03:12am
uhm id lyk a fredro starr lookalike :p *

h.sendia 18.05.08 - 08:49pm
uhm its too complicatd.lol..really *

240sxs13 22.05.08 - 01:10am
Well im a guy so i would want bev lol *

240sxs13 22.05.08 - 01:25am
So lol wanting and having are different things :P *

realfake 24.05.08 - 05:02pm
I like girls who are pretty..Not s*xy..Must hav nyc personility and easy 2 get along with...I dnt lyk slim girls and fat ones lol.Some where in between :D...Erm pretty face etc.Nyc hair.Thts bout it *

240sxs13 26.05.08 - 05:38am
Ah ill take a chubby pretty girl with a sense of style if she dresses good has a good sense of humor and takes care of how she looks im fine with that. Besides i like some muf*in tops lol *

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