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Subject: Join my group picrate
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realfake 24.05.08 - 05:04pm
Com join picrate and u cn upload pics..Rate hot ppl and get rated etc...See how hot ppl think u are xp *

h.sendia 24.05.08 - 09:30pm
yawn.GIF no thanks..i dun share my pic to all ppl *

realfake 25.05.08 - 09:46pm
Sendia ur too ugly anyway lmao *

h.sendia 26.05.08 - 08:32am
yawn.GIF yea yea mas..am ugly..bt i dun care lol *

realfake 3.06.08 - 08:19pm
Pmpl y did u join and upload ur pics in picrate if u dnt share ur pics or wat eva sendia u idiot? And u rated ur self u loser *

h.sendia 5.06.08 - 12:46am
well da weather always change lol lol2.GIF *

realfake 6.06.08 - 11:07pm
Wot eva u big idiot *

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